Moving The Home Office

It is a slightly more complicated in moving when you work from home. The home office is doubly hard to move since you are moving your work place and your house.

How to make the move easier

It is all about packing the non-essentials if you move your home office, just like any other move. Go ahead and box your printer up if you aren’t using your printer much. Also box some paper up and keep it handy so that you can pull it out and use it if you need it. Consider packing your computer away as soon as you can if you do use it often.

Moving The Home Office .png

Also take this chance to clear out or decide whether anything needs to be renewed. Take cartridges of ink that you want to recycle or get them refilled as soon as you can, then pack them away. it will save you money and also make one less job to deal with if you use them to be refilled (if your cartridge supports that).

Consider how you’ll fulfill your duties whilst working from home like whether you will be able to work on your laptop or not. Also think about your internet connection. It should be completely non-existent for the next month, whilst you close down one house and settle into a new one.

if you collect items regularly, you’ll need to make arrangements for their shipping. Think about what will happen in the ‘grey’ area between your old house and new house if you’ve got stock that’s regularly sent to you.

It can be frustrating, and tiring while moving your home office, but well worth it in the long run. In your new house, the corner that you claimed in a rush when you started working from home could become a well planned nook, with a little imagination.


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